About us

We are a small, family owned and operated business in Colorado focused on the design, manufacturing and selling of scientific precipitation measurement instruments and accessories. As our name implies, we are innovating and designing instruments to encourage, standardize and improve the measurement of rain, snow, hail, sleet and ice to support climatological analytics. Our solutions bridge the gap between imprecise hardware store instrumentation and expensive, industrial-grade instrumentation. We also offer accessories to make precipitation measurement more fun, accurate and easy. Our products are designed by passionate hydrometeorologists who have decades of precipitation measurement and analysis experience. We know the immense value of observed precipitation data and believe it will always be valued even despite the technological advancements in radar and satellite-derived precipitation estimates. We have partnered with CoCoRaHS on the design, testing and development of the TROPO precipitation gauge.

Our Mission Statement

Empower customers with affordable, professional, user-friendly, and accurate measurement equipment to make accurate precipitation measurements for public safety, agriculture optimization, climate monitoring, engineering design, water supply planning, forensic matters, insurance claims and educational efforts.

Our team

Tye W. Parzybok, CCM

Tye Parzybok Sr has been an avid weather enthusiast since elementary school. His passion for the weather started while growing up along the Front Range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, where extreme, interesting and unusual weather is the norm. During high school, Tye volunteered at the Colorado Climate Center in Fort Collins, which marked the beginning of his successful meteorology career. As a teenager, he was a committed “weather watcher” for Denver TV stations, the National Weather Service, and private weather forecasting companies. After years of school in Arizona, Oregon and Utah, Tye landed in Corvallis, Oregon where in 1994 he established MetStat, Inc, a niche hydrometeorology company specializing in extreme precipitation analyses for large infrastructure, such as dams, mines and nuclear power plants. About this same time, during the very early days of CoCoRaHS, Tye became one of the first observers of the network and is still making his daily reports today! While in Oregon, Tye also worked for the Oregon Climate Service and engaged in the early stages of the PRISM project and helped teach online weather courses at Oregon State University. In 2004, Tye authored the book “Weather Extremes of the West.” After relocating backto Colorado, MetStat grew to a team of 12, utilizing precipitation data everyday to help customers make billion dollar decisions with respect to design, operation and safety. For eleven years, Tye was a contractor for NOAA’s National Weather Service and helped design and create the data for the Precipitation Frequency Data Server. After attaining his Certified Consulting Meteorologist credential from the American Meteorological Society, Tye engaged in numerous (20+) weather-related legal matters as a precipitation expert. After 25 years of business, DTN acquired MetStat in late 2019 which presented Tye the opportunity to work for one of the largest weather companies in the world as a precipitation subject matter expert. His passion for precipitation data, entrepreneurial spirit, and supportive family led him to start Climalytic Instruments, LLC as a side, family business in 2022.

T.J. Parzybok

T.J. Parzybok is Climalytic's website designer, developer and administrator. He is also responsible for the company's graphic design and 3D product renders.

Dylan Parzybok

Dylan Parzybok is responsible for quality control, product fulfillment, social media marketing, and customer relations. Dylan enjoys the hands on aspect of Climalytic Instruments and also owns a landscaping company.

The Climalytic Team: Dylan, Tye and T.J.

What we offer

Rain Measurement Tools

The TROPO Precipitation Gauge is now available! The TROPO is the new "premium" CoCoRaHS gauge, featuring countless improvements over older rain gauges.

The TROPO Precipitation Gauge

Mounting Systems

The Climalytic Instrument Mount is now available! The Instrument Mount offers an effective and easy way to mount various weather gauges and devices, including the TROPO.

The Climalytic Instrument Mount

Snow Measurement Tools

Our snow measurement tools are still in development. Please check back soon for more information.